Speaking Skills Are Not Hard, It's Implementing Them That Can Be Tricky!

To Find Ultimate Success As A Coach - No Matter Your Niche

Boosting your speaking skills is the number one way to boost your video conversion rates and become a recognized leader in your field.
Most coaches are only a few skills away from converting clients with their videos.

And those skills? They make the REAL financial difference.

Unfortunately, speaking isn’t one of those “ride a bike” skills…

What I mean by that is it’s not something you can elevate without ongoing practice.

But the good news is, I have a way you can practice, while receiving personal feedback specifically for you and your business.  

I call it my Double Black Diamond Speakers Program.

My Double Black Diamond Speakers Program Will Show You:

  • How to develop client-converting delivery skills that attract, connect, and (most importantly) convert with every presentation
  • ​How to overcome wavering confidence, awkward selling and not reaching a percentage of your audience when you speak
  • ​How to achieve instant connection with effortless positioning and a no-brainer offer
  • ​How to have truly magnetic delivery and exquisite engagement giving you every chance to stand out online and own your micro-niche - be the recognised go-to expert
  • ​How to put specific strategies into action with personal feedback (from the group and from me!)​
I've called this program the Double Black Diamond Speakers Program because, like with skiing, only the best, the most skilled, talented, hungry skiers get to enjoy the exquisite benefits of the double black diamond runs.

But before I tell you about that, if you haven't already, here’s the link to book your FREE Elevate Speaking Call:
On the call, we’ll dig deep into how you can apply our Attract, Convert and Transform steps into your business… to reach Attracting Speaker level and get the results you want for your coaching business - EVEN FASTER.

1st - We’ll look at your Delivery and find out what’s really possible for your impact and income over the next 90 days (and then the next 12 months).
2nd - We’ll examine your Mindset and find out what’s working and what’s holding you back.
3rd - We’ll analyze your Structure and identify the #1 thing holding you back from the growth you are after.
4th - We’ll map out a 3 step action plan to get you moving quickly, get you more leads, more clients, more money. 

You’re going to leave the session feeling really clear, really confident and really excited about taking things to the next level.
Best of all, our Double Black Diamond Speaker Program......

Doesn’t Require Anything More Than Your Phone To Participate

I’ve designed this whole process to be as easy as humanly possible…

That’s why everything is accessible on your phone, all the meetings are over Zoom, and you can choose to join our events live or virtually…

So you have no excuses! ;)

When you start going through the process, here’s what will happen:

First, you’ll discover the holes in your skillset that you need to fill to score your dream clients.

This is crucial, because you need to know what to work on BEFORE you start… otherwise you’ll be spinning in circles.

The next thing that’ll happen is this:

You’ll Become A Converting & Transformational Speaker

No more nerves before presenting, no more stumbling over words…

You’ll become the kind of person that people want to listen to and trust - exactly what you need to boost success as a coach.

Not to mention, all these skills translate to life outside of your career.

Now, since you’re probably wondering… 

Here's What We’ll Cover:

Week 1-13: Attracting Speaker

In the first 13 weeks we're going to elevate your skills to “Attracting Speaker” by solving the 3 biggest problems that stop coaches from making money speaking online:
  • Wavering Speaking Confidence
  • ​Mediocre Delivery Skills
  • ​Awkward Selling
The problem of Wavering Confidence we’ll fix together by installing a Success Mindset. 

The second problem of Mediocre Skills we’ll fix together by developing Dynamic Delivery and

The third problem of Awkward Selling we’ll fix with a Winning Structure.
Weeks 14-32: Converting Speaker

The following 18 weeks we're going to elevate your skills to that of Converting Speaker by solving the 3 biggest problems that diminish coaches' high conversions:
  • Not Reaching/Grabbing % of Your Audience
  • ​Basic Converting Skills
  • ​Low % Conversions
The problem of Not Reaching/grabbing % of Your Audience we’ll fix together by implementing Instant Connection. 

The second problem of Basic Converting Skills we’ll fix together by developing Effortless Positioning and 

The third problem of Low % Conversions we’ll fix with No-Brainer Offer.
Weeks 32-52: Transformational Speaker

The following 20 weeks we're going to elevate your skills to that of Transformational Speaker by overcoming the 3 biggest problems that stop coaches from truly making a difference and transforming their audience when they speak online: 
  • No Unconscious Audience Attraction Skills
  • ​Missing Opportunity To Transform - Working Only At Audience Conscious Level
  • ​Handling and Positioning Live Audiences Lacking
The problem of ‘No Unconscious Audience Attraction Skills’ we’ll fix together by implementing a Conversion Structure. 

The second problem of ‘Missing Opportunity To Transform - Working Only At Audience Conscious Level’ we’ll fix together by developing Magnetic Delivery and 

The third problem of ‘Handling and Positioning Live Audiences Lacking’ we’ll fix with Exquisite Engagement.
Now, let’s talk about...

Exactly What To Expect

This isn’t a course where you are left to watch endless, generic videos with no interaction or human feedback.

This is loaded with specific personal feedback for YOU.

You’ll start with a private strategy session where we work out exactly what your strengths are and what areas to help you transform in.

You’ll get access to the courses:
  • The Sold Out Speaker Project
  • ​The Speaking Confidence Course
  • ​The Video Set-Up Project
  • ​The Converting Speaker Project
  • ​The Master Speaker Project
AND we’ll have a group coaching call every week (recorded if you can’t make it live) stepping you through every lesson of The Sold Out Speaker, Converting Speaker and The Master Speaker Projects.

You don’t have to find loads of time in your busy schedule.

It’s all bite-sized chunks that you can knock out a few times a week.

We get to hang out together in a private group to talk about tips and brainstorm specific strategies that will be best for YOUR business so you can put them into action and then share your results.

Plus, you’ll get:
  • A 2-Day Speaker Bootcamp (hybrid event)
  • ​A 3-Day Audience Transformation Mastery (hybrid event)
  • ​Speak At The Snow (optional)
  • ​A 2-Day Selling From Stage Intensive (online event)
You also get a free speech critique where we’ll look at your speech and edit, evaluate, and critique it before you go live to your clients.

And perhaps the biggest benefit for your speaking - 5 private 1:1 coaching sessions to accelerate your specific speaking desires.

I really want to help your business thrive, so the team and I will be spending as much time as we can with you to maximize your results.

This really is my top-of-the-line program…

But if you’re looking for something a little less hands-on or can’t commit to the full DBD program...

My Smart Speaker Program Is The Right Choice For Coaches Looking For A Quick Fix

The Smart Speaker Program is the first 13 weeks of the Double Black Diamond Speakers Program plus the 2 Day Speaker Bootcamp (Hybrid event).

It’s much shorter and focuses on the skills you need to become an Attracting Speaker and create videos that actually convert.

You’ll still achieve all the skills needed to instill a Success Mindset, develop Dynamic Delivery, and form a Winning Structure…

Minus the strategy call, one-on-one private coaching, and year-long personal development, guidance, and complete transformation that comes with the Double Black Diamond Speakers Program.

Both are fantastic choices, depending on your needs and goals as a speaker.

Now that you know your options… 

Here’s How To Get Started

If you join us, your investment for the Double Black Diamond Speakers Program can be one of 3 options:

$997 USD per month x 12 payments

$2767 USD per month x 4 payments

$10097 USD x 1 payment (saving $1891)

AND since I really like you (and I know how incredible your results can be), we have a super special bonus offer…

If you’re one of the FIRST 20 COACHES to jump on board, then you pay only:

$797 USD per month x 12 payments 

$2197 USD per month x 4 payments 

$7997 USD x 1 payment (saving a whopping $3991 on the standard payment plan price!!)
PLUS BONUS for paying the full amount in 1 payment:
  • Guaranteed every private 1:1 coaching session with Verity as your coach
  • ​Speaking Strategy session onboarding call with Verity
  • ​You can choose to use your 5 x 1:1 private speech coaching sessions at any time during the year (otherwise these can only be booked after the Attracting Speaker level has been completed)
  • ​Plus, the huge financial savings!
If you’re joining the Smart Speaker Program, your investment can be one of 3 options:

$257 USD per week x 13 payments

$1147 USD per month x 3 payments

$3047 USD x 1 payment (saving $700)

If you’re one of the FIRST 20 COACHES that sign up, then you pay only:

$237 USD per week x 13 payments

$992.3 USD per month x 3 payments

$2847 USD now (Saving $598 on the weekly full price! Woot woot)
But don’t take your wallet out yet.

I don’t want you to waste any more time and money than you already have trying to develop your skills as a coach…

So let’s do something a little different.

We’ll discuss anything and everything about the program, lingering questions you may have, how excited you are about becoming a jaw-dropping speaker…

And by the end, you’ll be ready to start the program 100% confident that you’ll get the results you’re looking for and if it’s not for you, you’ll still have a 3 step action plan to get your speaking firing.

Oh, and in case you're wondering…

Yes, This WILL Work For You, Too!

This same process has helped thousands of past clients in all different types of industries and niches… health and wellness, parenting, financial… doesn’t matter.

That’s because these speaking tools are grounded in human psychology and applicable to everyone - it’s just the way we all work!

The Cost Of This Program Is In The Thousands… But How Much Would It Cost NOT To Get It?

I always tell my coaches… the difference between a mediocre coach and a transformational coach is just a few speaking skills.

Because the market can be saturated (especially depending on your field), these skills can set you apart at the top of your industry.

And the money you’ll spend now is nothing compared to the money you’ll get from the countless clients you’re going to sign once you learn how to make videos and speak to truly convert - again and again and again.
And rest assured, there's...

A Risk-Free Full, Money-Back Guarantee

Any time you invest money to work with a coach and invest your time in a program, there’s a risk. 


What if it doesn’t work? What if it’s not as good as she said? What if Verity’s telling me fibs?

So let’s start with the best case scenario:

Best Case: Over the next 13 weeks, and throughout the year, you design world-class presentations. You write them, film them, edit them, and post them. They rock, and you get leads. You sign clients. Your profile grows, your clients stick around for longer and buy more of your stuff. You learn rockstar skills, develop and grow a ton of confidence, and you have a system to keep growing every month.

That’s the best case.

But what about the worst case?

Worst Case: Maybe it doesn’t work. Or you get a few weeks in, and you decide it’s really not for you. Or the delivery isn't quite right, or you aren’t ready yet, or you decide that my skiing stories are pushing you over the edge….

In which case, anytime in the first 30 days just let me know, and I’ll refund you 100% of what you’ve paid. No questions asked.

You get to keep all the materials we've covered. You'll be smarter, and still have the skill sets... But you won't have to pay for it at all.

So that way there's no risk to give it a go and get started, is there?

You Don’t Have To Wait Any Longer Or Try To Figure This Out On Your Own

Click the button below to book your call so you can become a confident, transformational, converting speaker. 

I appreciate you taking the time to read this letter and hope we get the chance to chat some more!

~ Verity Robins
P.S. Just in case you’re like me and skip to the end of these letters, here's the deal:

I'm offering you a choice of 2 courses designed to take you from mediocre speaker to one that motivates, inspires, persuades and sells.

The Double Black Diamond Speakers Program is a year-long, deep dive that helps you truly become the best of the best.

It costs $10,097 (there are payment plan options available).

The FIRST 20 COACHES that sign up can get up to $3991 off!!

The Smart Speaker Program is most of the first 13 weeks of the DBD program, where we’ll hone in on the skills you need to attract clients, you'll get coaching and plenty of opportunity to practice before strutting your stuff.

It costs $3,047 (there are payment plan options available).

The FIRST 20 COACHES that sign up can get up to $598 off!!

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